Ring Light Pro 18inch

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Ring Light Pro 18RP  ( MakeUp / Permanent / Hair / Brows-Lashes / Cosmetology  )


Our HI-Q LED ring light provides soft, nearly shadowless illumination. The LED Ring Light Pro 18RP  light helps to eliminate skin imperfections & makes your subject’s face appear to have a fresh clean look. It also comes equipped with a dimming feature that helps control your light source. The secret is in how the light is shaped. It is able to cast a soft dome of light on your subject complementing their makeup and making this light ideal for portrait and close-up work.

  • Light source: JAPAN SMD LED
  • LED Diods
  • Fully Adjustable with a 180° tilt 360°
  • External Diameter: 18/49 cm
  • total power: 55 W
  • Color temperature: 3200K- 5500 K
  • dimmable: stepless dimming
  • dimming range: 1% -100%
  • general lighting: 4900LM
  • CRI (color rendering index):> 90RA
  • Adapter: Universal
  • Brand: Ring Light Pro

2-year Warranty!

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