MakeUp Brush Set ‘FABMUA’ Ebony Wood


PRO 7-Piece Brush Set 

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‘FABMUA’ Ebony Wood + Brush Holder Bag


G1,5 – soft powder, contour, bronzer, blush, highlighter brush.

Hair: Luxurious natural

G2 – gently curved brush for blush, contour, highlighter.

Hair: Luxurious natural

S4 – A soft synthetic brush making this a great tool for contouring and foundation application and can also be used to blend cream products. 

Hair: Synthetic


G15 – Is a true experts brush for shading along the crease line and adding dimension to any eye look. In luxurious natural fibres, the brush head tapers to a soft point, which blends powder shadow skillfully and evenly. Also be used to blend cream products ( concealer).

Hair: Luxurious natural

G17 – This super soft, small, yet densely packed brush picks up product without any fallout and lays colour down beautifully.

Hair: Luxurious natural

G18 – This mini smudger is made from natural fibre and is designed to reach the smallest areas of the eyes.

The hand crafted tip finishes in a pointed bullet shape allowing for precise blending of both eyeshadow and pencil. 

Hair: Luxurious natural

S19 –  An ultra fine brush head made from synthetic fibre. The shape of this brush allows for microfine detailing work when lining the eyes or adding definition to precise beauty looks.

Hair: Synthetic




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